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mycle brandy walking

What’s On: Tuesday 02-26-2013

“Unless you walk out into the unknown, the odds of making a profound difference are pretty low.”
— Tom Peters, author and speaker
8-9PM ET: The Incredible Breakthrough Show
Your Host: Bob Miller

Tonight’s Topic: Walking Across America–Again!

Bob’s guest is 4 time stroke survivor Mycle Brandy. He just completed his third epic journey walking across America and raising awareness for living a healthy active lifestyle. Listen and find out what’s next for this amazing man.

More about strokes and a special community for stroke survivors and their caregivers:

Direct link to listen on Soundcloud: CLICK HERE.
9-10PM ET: Your Healthy Connections
Your Hosts: Joe and Lisa Mayes

Tonight’s Topic: Building A Spirit Foundation

This episode focuses on building a healthy relationship with YOU — body, mind, and most importantly, Spirit — before looking outward toward relationships. Join Lisa and “Smokey Joe” to love, laugh and listen.

Direct link to listen on Soundcloud: CLICK HERE.
10-11PM ET: The Total Tutor: A Talk Show for Teachers, Parents and Administrators
Your Host: Neil Haley, the “Total Tutor.”

Tonight’s Topic: Total Education News

Neil Haley, the “Total Tutor” discuss the latest education news.
11-12PM ET: Inspired by “Bigfoot”
Your Host: Bill Lee

Tonight’s Topic: Human / Sasquatch Interaction

Bill’s guest is Leigh Culver from the Enigma Research Group in Georgia.

You’ll also hear an episode of “The Bigfoot Stories!” This weeks story: The Gift.


Overcoming Adversity

What’s On Tonight: Thursday, January 24, 2013

“A crisis allows us the opportunity to dig deep into the reservoirs of our very being, to rise to levels of confidence, strength, and resolve that otherwise we didn’t think we possessed. Through adversity, we come face to face with who we really are and what really counts.” ♥
— Jon Huntsman
8-9PM ET: Never Say Impossible!
Host: Myra Goldick
Topic: Predator Attack! A Story of the Unthinkable

Debra Tailor had a good childhood despite the loss of her father at an early age. The family migrated to the southeast coast of Florida. At 19, she married and divorced shortly afterwards. Her nightmare began when she was working full-time at a radio station as a single parent, raising her son, and living with her disabled sister. Then the unthinkable happened when she was abducted, attacked and nearly killed by a mass murderer. This is a story with a valuable lesson for us all.

Direct link to listen on Soundcloud: CLICK HERE.
8-9PM ET: Dancing On Our Disabilities
Your Host: Myra Goldick
Topic: How is Your Relationship Going?

Meet Ann McNeil, a very special psychotherapist and holistic healer who can help you improve your relationships, create change in your life, resolve old issues, increase your happiness, live a more abundant life, shed unwanted behavior and more.

Direct link to listen on Soundcloud: CLICK HERE.
10-11PM ET: Total Tutor Show — The Best of Education Talk Radio!
Host: Neil Haley, the “Total Tutor.”

Tonight’s Topic: Total Education Q and A

The Total Tutor and Maggie Stevens from The Parent Fix answer questions from parents. Subjects covered include:

  • Marriage
  • SAT vs ACT
  • Divorce

11-12PM ET: The Brynn Project
Host: Brynn McKenry

Tonight’s Topic: Winter Allergies and Following Up on Those Resolutions

Brynn’s guests tonight include:

  • Dr. Todd Mahr from the American Academy of Pediatrics, talks about adding a children’s allergy preparedness checklist for winter events.
  • Terra Wellington, lifestyle and wellness expert, offers tips for making it past those first two weeks of resolutions.
  • Louis Aronne, New York Presbyterian Hospital director of comprehensive weight control, tells how to keep that lost weight off.
  • Kathleen Rea, professional ballerina and author of The Healing Dance, shares her story of growing up in the world of ballet.
  • Raul Arce, VP of travel and transportation for IBM, discusses the latest technology in travel.
  • Chris Wink and Phil Stanton, cofounders of the Blue Man Group, give a preview of their new show in Las Vegas.