We Are … Q4D!

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We are — Q4D! And LOVING IT!


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We Are…Q4D!

About Us

Station Name: WQ4D Internet Radio
Genre: Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Christian Music
Tagline: Upbeat, Classy, Rock-Your-Mind Radio!
Format: Inspiring Talk Radio, Music, Spoken Word, Documentary and Commentary
Target Audience: “Q4D” People! People who want to be “Q4D” People!

● Daring people.
● Aspiring people.
● Way-seekers.
● Unconventional thinkers.
● People looking for brain candy instead of mindless entertainment.

Why Do This? It Certainly
Can’t Be For The Money. 🙂

  • For the CHALLENGE. We are people who love challenges, doing the “impossible” and making it look easy!
  • For the FUN of it. We want a viable business that is FUN!
  • TO ROCK peoples’ minds in a way that excites them!
  • TO BRING OUT our own, and our listeners’ “Inner Yoda!

We Are…Q4D!