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What’s On Tonight: Saturday, October 6, 2012

A rare no-holds-barred look into the minds of megalomaniacs and the consequences of their behavior, mixed with some really fine music to keep things on an even keel. All hands on deck! We’re casting off!!! 🙂

8-9PM ET: Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head
Host: Richard Lloyd Jones, Founder and Producer, Stop Radio Network

Topic: Inverted Thinking, Theomania, and the Desire to be Like “Gods”

Join host Richard Lloyd Jones and special guest Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco in an expansive and thrilling discussion that looks at how the desire to be like gods manifests in every area from politics and business to the spiritual world. Tonight’s episode includes a special report from the field with Gilbert Gambucci discussing the true basis of civilization.

Direct link to listen on Soundcloud: CLICK HERE.

9-10PM ET: The Independent Music Show
Host: Tom Lambert, Producer, DJ, Independent Musician and Artist

Direct link to listen on Soundcloud: CLICK HERE.

10-11PM ET: Life Unedited
Tonight’s Topic: The Unabomber
Host: John Aberle, Talk Show Host, WCHE 1520 AM Philadelphia
A rare look into the mind of a mass murderer. John Aberle interviews David Kaczynski about David’s brother Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber.

Direct link to listen on Soundcloud: CLICK HERE.

11:00-11:30PM ET: The Total Education Show: A Talk Show for Teachers, Parents and Administrators
Host: Neil Haley, the “Total Tutor.”